Compressed Air Systems

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All compressed air equipment offered is under permanent evaluation and is  only received from leading manufacturers most of european or US origin. We are able to supply a wide range of brands and technologies suitable for specific requirements. Both standard versions and built to order individual arrangements are available.

Air Compressors

  • Oil-injected screw compressors up to 13 bar, 500 kW
  • Oil-free screw or scroll compressors
  • Air-cooled, water cooled versions (marine versions with sea or fresh water cooling)
  • Booster compressors, oil injected or oil-free, up to 45 bar
  • Medium pressure piston type air compressors, up to 45 bar
  • High pressure compressors, piston type, up to 300 bar

Air Treatment Equipment

  • Cyclone type water separators
  • Condensate drain units with electronic level control
  • Air coolers, fresh water cooler or water chiller supplied
  • Refrigeration air dryers, air cooled, fresh water or sea water cooled
  • Adsorption air dryers, various versions
  • Air Heaters, electric power
  • Water Chillers (Remote Air Cooler Supply)
  • Compressed Air Filters

      a) Dust filters
      b) Activated Charcoal Filters
      c) Bed type charcoal Filters

Air Quality Control

  • Dew point measurement
  • Compressed Air Flow Measurement
  • Air Quality and contaminant measurement
  • Breathing Air Monitoring
  • Medical Breathing Air Monitoring and Control

Air Receivers

  • Steel receivers, 16 bar- 10.000 L, horizontal and vertical
  • Steel receivers, 35 bar
  • Steel bottle racks, 200/300 bar for Air, Nitrogen


  • Compressor plant control and alarm monitoring
  • Automation of compressed air plant as a process component
  • Remote air system monitoring and control (Remote Start/Stop)

(Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems)

E.A.R.S. technology and equipment (on request)