Air Processing Systems

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We define Air Processing as a sequence and arrangement of technical equipment for compression, mechanical and thermal treatment, filtration and storage of air in order to receive dry and clean compressed air of a certain quality, e.g. according to the requirements of ISO 8573-1:2010. We also consider subsequent air separation technologies as a field of Air Processing using arrangements to receive any gaseous composition of nitrogen and oxygen which can be little or much different from the natural mixture.

Compressed Air Equipment

It is essential for system performance and reliability to feed compressed air of certain quality to any air separation device or plant. So our focus is on this initial stage of the Air Processing System, the Compressed Air Systems. Feed air supply systems for air separation tasks require not only the compressors but also water separators, air coolers or dryers, filters, condensate drain units as well as dew point control equipment. Besides this and depending from the application the control of the compressed air system might require certain measures of automation. We permanently evaluate the components available on the market and select the best in class equipment for our products and systems.

We also use the experience with the high level requirements from air separation tasks also for other applications where this systematic approach to receive compressed air of certain quality is needed. So SK Engineering separately offers individual arrangements of compressed air systems for several other applications and demands.

Air Separation Equipment

Our Air Processing Systems are configured and adjusted to produce the following gas mixtures

  • Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA): 78 ... 95 % Vol. N2
  • Nitrogen : 95 ... 99,999 % Vol. N2
  • Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA): 21 ... 90 % Vol. O2
  • Oxygen : 90 ... 99,5 % Vol. O2
  • Special compositions from oxygen and nitrogen e.g. Nitrox

Our product range consists of Nitrogen Generation Systems and Oxygen Generation Systems in sizes of compact apparatus, skid type arrangement or production plant, using the proven air separation technologies of Membrane Gas Permeation (Membrane) or Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). The systems and plants are built to order according to the requirements of each project.

Air Filters

In addition Air Filter Systems are a part of the Air Processing Systems section of SK Engineering. These products and systems are designed to remove dust, aerosols and vapours from an intaken air flow and produce high quality air at ambient pressure for several applications and branches e.g. breathing air supply or workplace air quality management.