Process Automation

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Automation of Systems and Plants

Reliable, economic and often 24/7 operation of technical systems is required in many industries and applications, autonomous and unattended operation can be mandatory in some marine applications.

Based on the individual application we define necessary transmitters and actuators for the process to be controlled, select suitable Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) equipment and include a communication equipment proposal e.g. with Industrial Ethernet. The control cabinets are built to order and the PLC and HMI are pre- programmed and will be adjusted during the commissioning on site.

Beside other applications our special focus is the automation of compressed air systems, air filtration equipment, air dryers and control of compressed air quality.

Apparatus Automation

The application of PLCs to small apparatuses e.g. pumps, filter systems and drives can give remarkable advantages in operation, performance and service cost.

A new generation of small PLCs (Micro Automation) offers a wide range of control solutions for many applications, where automation and control was not used before. An apparatus equipped with PLC automation remains compact in size but gets several additional functionality and thus is able to offer increased performance at reduced running and service cost. Due to easy changes of PLC programmes the unit can be adapted to different applications and tasks without the need to redesign the control hardware.