Nitrogen Generation System/ Retrofit for Reefer Ships

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Conventional Reefer Ships are today facing a great challenge by modern CA (Controlled Atmosphere) 40 feet containers which can be stacked on board of spezialised container ships having a central CA supply on board the vessel.

SK Engineering offers suitable Nitrogen Generation Systems (NGS) as a retrofit package which can be installed on board, e.g. in the engine room. The NGS is the major component of any CA system and we are able to offer high performance sets for e.g. 1.000 m3/h nitrogen at an oxygen level of max. 5 % vol.

Due to the compact size and footprint of the marine air compressors the shipset can be installed without the need to re-arrange the existing equipment and thus the NGS can be integrated successfully. The benefit of this will be an improved performance of the vessel as a Reefer/ CA ship. Installation with IACS class approval is possible.