LOGO! Micro PLC with Ethernet interface for more applications

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SIEMENS has released a new and additional version of the LOGO! Micro Automation PLC controller coming with an Ethernet interface and a few more features so that LOGO! can be used now for applications with advanced requirements which up to now only the established PLC system were able to meet.

SK Engineering recently completed projects using the LOGO! Micro Automation PLC system. The new version 0BA07 of LOGO! is available with integrated Ethernet interface. This provides new opportunities for small automation applications and also for those where communication between systems and components is required. Increased performance due to network connection, additional features and enhanced programme memory capacity are the main improvements of the new and additional LOGO! version which is again programmed with the LOGO! Soft Comfort software environment as used for the established versions like 0BA06.

Automation of apparatus and plants with micro controllers like LOGO! can be an interesting option for projects where individual and flexible programmable control must be installed in short time or in a customized version.

SK Engineering offers suitable technical and programming services as well as solutions for automated apparatus and systems with LOGO! Micro Automation PLC technology.