Starting - Focussing - Evolving

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With first projects in 1992 the company starts to act as a technical and engineering service partner open for different customers and branches. A typical task is the design of special products as per customers' requirements.


The company from now on is named SK Engineering. Since that time a variety of products e.g. air filter systems was developed for different customers and applications while the engineering services were continued with customer projects including R&D, industrial design and automation. Also a new focus of interest for high quality filter and air separation systems appears.


A new focus comes towards the technologies of air separation with e.g. membrane gas permeation for applications like health care and safety. Also first SK Engineering products, e.g. a filter system for a new own product range for health care applications, are developed and manufactured.


As a result of recent activities the Air Processing Systems section is formed as a new SK Engineering business with the main focus on products and systems for industrial applications. Air Processing Systems includes all necessary equipment, technologies and devices to compress air, treat compressed air for high quality demands and to separate air into nitrogen and oxygen in the required composition. This is completed by suitable product storage pressure vessels, devices for air and product distribution as well as system control during the production process.


SK Engineering Consulting and Services is formed as new and second business section, with subsections which have each evolved well due to the long time of experience in design service and project management.

For certain projects sometimes specific expertise is needed. SK Engineering starts to offer Technical Consulting not only for the subjects mentioned above.

Engineering Services for design and development of mechanical and mechatronic products and plants are continued and extended, offering the use of different Computer Aided Design (CAD) platforms as required by our customers.

Based on our experience SK Engineering also starts to support customers with services for technical Project Management and to control the fulfillment of requirements, quality, cost and time schedule.


Since this year the Air Processing Systems business is extended to the marine market with many activities. Several shipsets of marine nitrogen generation systems are designed, manufactured and commissioned after 2006. More than a dozen of these highly automated systems are set up on board of chemical, oil and product tankers which are in service on the seas of the world.

As an effect of the increasing use of PLC systems for the products of the business section Air Processing Systems an additional focus is coming up on Process Automation. The corresponding technologies and equipment nowadays are an essential part of efficient technical systems. Transmitters, PLC and HMI components as well as suitable actuators are included in our Air Processing Systems and in other automated systems e.g. customer projects and applications. Since 2006 suitable components and services for Process Automation are offered by SK Engineering consequently.


SK Engineering has gained substantial expertise in Air Processing Systems from a five years experience in industrial and marine nitrogen supply systems and a ten years experience with the technologies of air compression, air processing and air separation. Looking back to the beginning in the early 1990 years the company will complete the second decade of operation within this year with our mission of "Engineering System Quality".


SK Engineering completed it's first 40 ft HC container based system, including a nitrogen generation system designed for extreme environment, i.e. high temperature, high humidity, salty environment and 24/7 continuous operation. The focus is on reliability, maintainability and performance in a small footprint. With air cooled 13,5 bar  compressors the system is very compact and offers high output pressure to footprint ratio of the membrane generator. The system is suitable for various applications, e.g. 850 m3/h at 95 % Vol. N2 at max. 10 bar nitrogen.